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Winning Formula For The Working Dog

See Nutrition Page for further information


CalciPhos Plus - For Brood Bitches &Puppies

KFS - Kidney Function Solution - To assist Urinary Flow

AVM-D Amino Acids, Vitamin Mineral Supplement


K9 Essential Salts - Body Salts



Lactic Acid Buffer For Cramping

Apple Cider Vinegar (Double strength)

with Honey & Garlic

Iron Boost

For Blood maintenance of Haemoglobin and Red Cell production

MSM  - Methyl Sulphonyl Methane

To relieve muscle soreness

Glow 'N' Go - Energy Oil


For Nervousness and Spooky animals

Vitamin E  - With Selenium

K9 Paw Dip/Spray - Antiseptic

Manuka Honey - For open wounds Vitamin "C" Pure Povidine Iodine 2.5%
  Garlic Powder Sanitiser