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Probiotic Testimonial

Hi Peter

I thank the day that we found your ad online for the probiotic for dogs.

Our little Fox Terrier Mango has been sick for 2 years now and after being on the powder for a week she has improved out of sight.

She used to have a shocking rash and swelling in her throat, terrible coat with loss of  hair, she had a shocking smell,  dehydrated, had gone into having fits.

Been to vets all over Australia, as we were travelling when her condition worsened. No vet could diagnose her at all, she was given antibiotics, cortesone, special diets.

All failed, even after blood tests, Xrays, biopsy's and medications. Also given intravenous fluids.

Came home with a very sick Mango, saw other vets over Victoria. She would improve a little, but go back to being very sick again,

Until...........we found Peter Bryce, He spoke sense to us, sent some of this magic powder, we now have Mango back, her eyes are brighter, she has energy again, she is happy,

her coat is soft and doesn't smell anymore, the hair is not falling out all over the place anymore, we also took Peters advice and changed her diet to vegetables, rice and mince.

She now looks forward to her meals, she is now a healthy weight.

We highly recommend this wonderful product.

Thank you Peter

Kind Regards

From Betty and Bob