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The Racing Greyhound



The Racing Greyhound

The preparation of the greyhound athlete is important to avoid breaking down in races.

Finishing out of the placings is not an option when you consider the price of transportation and fuel costs.

To achieve a return for time spent you must be doing a lot of things right.

The make up of the greyhound body is largely water, and comprises of billions of body cells, the control and balance of cell depletion and replenishment is the key to a successful outcome.

The animal athlete needs a sound diet, built on a planned nutritional and training program; The trainer must take a responsible role to ensure the greyhound has the best possible chance to perform to the best of its ability.

The selection of the Sire and Dam in mating and the resultant genetic makeup of the racing athlete will create a natural gap between the elite and the also rans, however comparison between the perfectly bred greyhound fed a poor nutritional diet and a greyhound of average mating fed a planned nutritional diet will prove to be a leveller.

The selection of fuel for the racing greyhound is important, therefore the choice of carbohydrate and high energy fats are critical to the performance of the Racing Greyhound.

The choice of high protein diets as the major energy source is not a good option.

A greyhound burns only 5 to 6 % of its energy resource in a 30 sec race.

As Carbohydrate is the first source of energy burnt followed by Fat it is essential to have a good supply of these fuels.

Winning Formula KFS (Kidney Function Solution) Cleanses residues remaining from high protein diets.

Also clearing acid levels in the kidneys, urinary tract and liver as well as acids from the muscles.

Winning Formula Iron Boost Haemoglobin is the essential carrier of Red Cells through the blood stream;  Iron Boost used every second day will ensure a good supply of iron to perform this role, as well as assisting Red Cell replenishment.

A blood count of 59 – 61 PCV is critical to the transformation of oxygen to energy in the blood.

Winning Formula Vitamin E with Selenium Heavy exercise and a demanding work load can cause a low white cell count; the introduction of Vitamin E will create white cells and re build the immune system.

Winning Formula AVM-D (Amino Acid, Vitamin Mineral Supplement) will provide the Amino Acids from the group of 10 Amino Acids (essential protein building blocks), Vitamin, Mineral – to ensure supplemention for the deficiencies in the racing diet.

Winning Formula K9 Essential Salts The supply of electrolytes is a critical component in the athlete’s diet.

The pre race supply of Potassium, Sodium and other essential body salts to avoid issues such as cramp and in severe cases, acidosis is critical to the performance of the Muscular and Skeletal biomechanics required in racing.  Hot weather and panting due to stress as well as high energy use in races depletes essential body salts.

Winning Formula Lactic Eze Young puppies should consume Lactic Eze daily when running in yards on hot days.   Lactic acid pain prevents more greyhounds from winning races than lack of ability. Human athletes will push themselves through pain barriers to be a winner; however the racing greyhound does not know that a few more strides may give him legend status in a Group 1 race. The pain of acid burning the nerve ends in muscles is sometimes unbearable and consequently the greyhound makes an instant decision to stop the pain by slowing down, a very costly result for the owners and trainers. Lactic Eze assists WINNERS to avoid being LOSERS.