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Designed and manufactured in Australia specifically to meet the needs of racing owners and trainers.

Made to exacting standards from high quality components, the machine is covered by a one year guarantee.

It is easy to use and being battery powered it is completely portable.  The gentle but powerful deep wave muscle stimulation is very well accepted by the animal.  The output is bi-phasic with no net DC current – important in eliminating skin irritation.  There is a pulse mode which can be useful in re-establishing damaged nerve function.  The treatment probe has a button to control the delivery of the stimulation simplifying the treatment procedure.


       Relaxation of muscle spasms.

       Assists in the prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy (muscle wastage).

       Increases local blood circulation

      Muscle re-education.

      Immediate post- surgical stimulation of muscles to assist in the prevention of thrombosis.

       May assist to increase the range of motion. 


       Pulse frequency       1 – 500 Hz

    Wave rate               1 – 10 Hz

       Output                     Bi-phasic (no net DC)

       Battery                 Rechargable NIMH (gives in excess of 20 hours use on single charge)


Accessories:          Treatment probe, Earthing electrode and pads, Quick release “tourniquet” belt to secure earthing electrode, Battery charger, Carry case.

Text Box:                                 Distributed  by         Winning Post Supplies
                                    Ph:      03 9754 8415      Peter  0411 442 052     Pat     0407 680 814

Dimensions:          Width     320 mm                 Depth    160 mm                               Height     50 mmText Box:                     $925 incl gst   
                                Plus $20 freight and handling